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What hardware or software do I need to use Netcast?
Windows Media Version 9 or Higher Windows Media

All of Netcast's videos are encoded in Windows Media format. You will first need a computer that is capable of playing Windows Media 9 files. Machines that run 400Mhz or higher should run just fine. 256MB is the bare minimum you should have, when playing video. The computer MUST have a sound card or the file will not play. Broadband (cable, DSL, fiber) is STRONGLY recommended. We do also support dialup connections of 56k. If your connection speed is less, you can try to play the file, but you may experience stuttering of video.

Windows Users:
If you have a computer that is running any version of Windows XP and you have a sound card, you are already set to go. All versions of Windows XP shipped with Windows Media Player 9 or 10, depending on how old it is. For those who do not have XP (98, ME, or 2000), you will need to check your hardware against the requirements that Microsoft has posted at the link below.

Click Here to see Microsoft's requirements.

Mac Users:
Fear not, Mac users - Although the videos are in Windows Media format, your Mac can easily play them! All Macs come with sound, so all you really need is OS X and a suitable player.

For player information on Macs, Go To This Link.
Linux Users:
Linux users rejoice! Far too often, Linux users are shunned in the online multimedia arena - but not this time. VideoLan Client (VLC) has been tested with several distros of Linux (Redhat, CentOS, Ubuntu, SuSE), and appears to work just fine with Netcast. VLC opens the door for Linux users to rub elbows with Windows and Mac users on this site, and we welcome them.

For information about VLC, Click Here

NOTE - If you are connecting from outside the University network (using cable modem, for example), you may need to connect to the USF Virtual Private Network (VPN) before you can view the videos. Some of the videos are only licensed for USF use, so people outside of the univeristy network will be blocked. The VPN will allow you to identify yourself as being part of the USF network, even though you are actually outside, so that you may access all the features available.

VPN is available ONLY to USF Students, Staff, and Faculty

For more information on the VPN and how to install it,