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Do PDAs Really Work With Netcast?

The Dell Axim has been verified to run all Netcast videos, even the live feeds! "PDA" is a very generic acronym/name, and in this case, we must be very specific when answering this question. Windows Mobile devices appear to work just fine on Netcast, provided that you have Windows Mobile 2003 as a minimum, which should have come with Windows Mobile Media Player 9 installed.

That's all nice, but what does that really mean?

Well, having a mobile device that is capable of streaming video opens up many different doors for students.

Traditionally, students would have to:
  • Find a public-use computer in a lab or in a student commons
  • Pull out a heavy laptop, find a place to plug in, and possibly find an open network jack
  • Or, go all the way home to view class-assigned videos on a home computer

Now, when you have a Windows Mobile device that has wi-fi built in:

Provided you have registered your wireless card with Academic Computing, all you have to to is walk within range of the USF wireless network, and you're ready to go.

Sit in your car, sit by the lake, take it with you when you eat lunch. Bored in the library? Plug in your headphones and watch a live feed!

Most Windows Mobile devices will give you a good 1-2 hours of use on a charge, so you should be able to view most lectures and movies without needing an AC plug. T-Mobile's MDA, a Windows Mobile capable cellphone So, if you have a Windows CE-type device, check and see what version of Media Player you have. If you have a PDA cellphone, you may have more functionality than you think.

On your Windows-based PDA, all you have to do is browse to with your device - Netcast will see that you are using a mobile device and will send you to the Mobile Device pages.

Windows CE/Mobile Only

Since all of our videos are in Windows Media format, the only devices that can access the mobile site will be the Windows CE or Windows Mobile devices. PalmOS-based devices are unable to play Windows Media videos, therefore will not benefit from the mobile site.

All non-Windows mobile devices will be presented with the regular Netcast site.