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Media Player Says I Don't Have the appropriate Codec!

No Suitable Codec Found

So, you searched all through the Netcast site, found the stream that you were looking for, clicked on it, sat back with your popcorn and soda, and (Ding!) - Media player told you that it could not find a suitable codec.

What the heck is a codec??

A CODEC is short for COmpression / DECcompression algorithm. Without getting too technical, it is the 'language' that the video speaks. If you want details, Click Here

VoxWare Codecs periodically change from year to year, and sometimes old codecs are needed to play old video or audio tracks. In this case, some of the older media on Netcast was encoded using an old asf audio/video codec from VoxWare.

OK - Where Can I Get It?

The bad news is that the VoxWare codec is no longer supported by Microsoft, and is no longer downloadable from them. The good news is that we located the codec on the Internet, and after testing it thoroughly, we have placed it here for your downloading convenience.

This does not apply to Apple users - Voxware has enjoyed rich support from the Apple community, so this codec should already be on your Mac.

Dwnload the VoxWare Codec from the link below.