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Women's Studies

Dr. Kim Vaz
Assoc Professor : Women's Studies, USF
Office: FAO 014
(813) 974-0985

Women and Social Action
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Class 1Social Action and Social Change
Class 2Perspectives on Women
Class 3Leadership and Social Action
Class 4Commonalities and Differences
Class 5Gender Socialization
Class 6Transforming Knowledge
Class 7Families
Class 8Child Care
Class 9Women and Health
Class 10Women, Weight, and Food
Class 11Pregnancy and Childbirth
Class 12Motherhood
Class 13Abortion and Reproductive Issues
Class 14Religion
Class 15Work
Class 16Sexual Harassment
Class 17Low-Income Resistance
Class 18Hopelessness
Class 19Connecting the Issues
Class 20Violence Against Women
Class 21On the Streets and in the Jails
Class 22Rape and Self-Defense
Class 23Perspectives on Social Change
Class 24New Directions