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Change To HTTP Only On Windows Media Player

If you are experiencting connection problems, sometimes setting Windows Media Player to use HTTP only can do the trick, especially when routers are involved.

The first thing you want to do is open Windows Media Player.

At the top of Windows Media, you need to click "Tools" then click "Options".

Now, clear all of the checkboxes in the middle except for the one that says "HTTP". Once this step has been done, Windows Media Player will force the server to send video only to through the HTTP protocol.

Keep in mind that you have just disabled 75% of the protocols that Windows Media uses to communicate with other servers for streaming video. If you leave the player set like this, you may experience lagging video or possible connections issues with other video servers on the net, such as Yahoo! video areas. Make sure that you enable these protocols again once you are done here, to preven future connection issues at other websites.